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Emotional World

MULTI DENIM Vintage AirPods Case

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$249.00 AUD

EMOTIONAL WORLD VINTAGE AIRPODS CASE is reconstituted from a patchwork of vintage jeans. On the premise of adhering to the concept of environmental protection, this series is different from the natural dyeing that the previous season's series insisted on.  This series hopes to promote the sustainability, preciousness, and unique charm of denim fabric to people, as well as give a new life and meaning to abandoned old jeans. The fermentation of all design inspirations started from the team’s special love for old items. They were attracted by the highly sustainable concept of「Regenerative DENIM」. Through the long journey of searching, EMOTIONAL WORLD seeks out a variety of people from all walks of life in order to recycle and style vintage jeans. Thus, EMOTIONAL WORLD「MULTI DENIM」series was precipitated born.

Based on the characteristics of the fabric, the texture of each item is unique.


7x4x7cm (L x W x H)

Hanging Loop: 100cm


-VINTAGE Jean disassembly fabric

-Silver accessories

-Neck strap/Shoulder available