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Compass Wave Retro Jogging Shoes In Black

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- Design: Jogging shoes designed by SMFK in 2024. The entire shoe body is made of lightweight materials. With a medium wrapping feel and sole feedback, the shoe body is made of a variety of materials, using leather and TPU settings when enhanced protection is needed and is prone to bumps. The larger area of ​​the mesh and the sponge bring as much natural ventilation and heat dissipation as possible to cope with the life changes all day long, always staying comfortable.
The sole design is inspired by the paw's shape and movement characteristics of felines.
The cat's paw element design on the front and rear soles bring comfort when bouncing and running.
During normal walking, emphasize using the paw shape on the front and rear soles to reach the ground.
The steeply sloping garden element front and rear heel shapes and textures improve the stability of foot placement and friction during exercise.